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So what are nootropics?

Simply put, they're a powerful, natural way to boost your cognition and productivity. They can help you raise your energy level, feel more motivated, clear brain fog, and create intense focus, on demand.

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Data drives everything we do

With the world’s largest nootropics data set behind us, we’re moving the industry forward. We’re rigourously researching and drawing insights to understand exactly what it takes for maximum results.



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Pure meets effective

We use only the highest-quality nootropic ingredients, sourced in the USA, and rigorously tested for purity.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Functional Mushrooms

Nootropics and functional mushrooms allow your brain to do what it does anyway, but faster, more efficiently, and at a higher amplitude. You'll notice a difference within a few days, and results tend to compound over time.


Choline Sources

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter derived from the essential nutrient choline. It's known for memory, learning, and protecting the brain from symptoms of aging.

B12 Vitamin

Vitamins & Adaptogens

We've concentrated various amino acids, vitamins, and plant–based adaptogens that protect the brain from toxins, fatigue, and stress, while promoting memory and learning.

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