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Lazy doesn’t exist.

We learned firsthand that it’s possible to change your brain, and doing so can have an enormous impact on your life. To anyone struggling with focus, memory, attention, what have you, we’ve been there. It’s a neurotransmitter imbalance, and you can do something about it.

Dan FreedAdam Greenfeld

Reach new heights without crashing.

Nootropics are a powerful alternative to stimulants, providing similar benefits, minus the jitters, crash, and side effects. Unlike stimulants, nootropics provide powerful long-term changes to the brain, by means of positive habit formation. In the short term, they provide the boost for daily wins, like getting to work sooner, studying longer, and hitting the gym. These behaviors become encoded in your basal ganglia, making them second-nature. Meanwhile, your baseline performance improves, as does your brain.

Stimulants vs. Nootropics Graph showing both Stimulants and Nootropics' impact on baseline performance.
A Message from our founders

Take control of your mind.

Dan Freed

founder & ceo

As long as I can remember, people thought I was either stupid, lazy, or unmotivated. I started to believe it. In school, I remember reading the same page over and over again, without absorbing anything. At 16, I dropped out of high school and went to work at a sandwich shop.

Fast-forward ten years — I scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT and earned Master’s degrees from Yale and INSEAD. Nootropics turned everything around for me, and helped me form the positive habits that I built my success on. Once I balanced my brain chemistry, I could perform like never before.

I take Energy to get me going in the morning and Motivation to power through long afternoons.

Adam Greenfeld


I’ve always struggled with focus. Growing up, stuff that took my friends an hour would take me twice as long. As an adult, my to-do lists were neverending. I thought I had to accept that these were just the cards I was dealt — that constant distraction would always be a part of my life.

But when I found nootropics, everything changed for me. They gave me the control over my mind and attention that I’d never had before. Nootropics became a tool that could put me into a focused flow-state, on demand. I knew I had to share this gift with the world.

I take Clarity to stay sharp during long meetings, and Creativity to help my words flow during presentations.

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Promoting mental health and wellness for everyone is our main priority. That’s why we work with Covenant House, a shelter for runaway and homeless youth. Too often, untreated mental health issues cause kids to fail in school and end up in shelters. Dan, our Founder, was one of them. This is just one piece of our commitment to making sure everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential

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